File Reviews

File Reviews

I wanted to speak a little on why we do file reviews at NetDeposited.  A file review is crucial for us to "take a look under the hood" at your books.  We are very data driven, and rather than simply make correcting entries, we get into the "meat" of the data and correct things at the transactional level.  


In order to do this, we need to do a comprehensive review of everything that touches your balance sheet and income statement (P&L).  We also deal with clients that rely on external cloud based inventory management systems (IMS), web platforms, marketplaces, shipping apps, and more.  Not only do we look at the financials and QBO operations, we look at everything that eventually touches your books.  Depending on what type of service you are looking for, you will benefit from a file review.  We will analyze every account, and prepare a report of everything that needs to be done.  

I have tried to bypass this process in order to save time, and it does NOT go well.  Things pop up and cause extra unneeded stress to both myself and the client. I know now that this is an important piece of the process that provides transparency.  We are able to do a comprehensive diagnostic written review, which you then own.  You can take that review with you and look for other quotes, or do whatever you wish with it.  

At NetDeposited, if you have inventory (either managed in or out of QBO), we do a diagnostic review for $500, and if you are a service-based business, we charge $299. 


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