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At NetDeposited, we understand how to do bookkeeping and accounting for online sellers. Because there are so many options to accept payments, as well as so many different platforms and marketplaces to sell, the landscape can be confusing. We know the proper way to capture sales, post payments, and keep your books clean. New to ecommerce? No problem! We can help you choose the right solutions to use.

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We provide the following services

  • Bookkeeping

  • Accounting

  • Payroll

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Cleanup and Setup

  • File Conversions

We provide full charge accrual bookkeeping, including reconcilation of multiple payment gateways.

We have years of combined accounting experience. Consider us your outsourced accounting department.

We partner with both ADP and Gusto to provide a full outsourced payroll department.

Need help planning for tomorrow? We can take you beyond compliance and help to make bigger decisions for your business. We are passionate about simplifying reports to help business owners understand their financial picture.

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Need to go back one year or several? We are EXPERTS at file cleanups. We pull in data to make sure every single item is at the transaction level. No more messy books!

Need to convert your file from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online? Or from a different software to Quickbooks Online? Contact us to help.

We exclusively partner with Quickbooks to provide real time bookkeeping and accounting

Has someone else told you that they "don't do E-commerce or inventory?" We love inventory so much that we created our own store!

People are talking

I have had the privilege of working with Rachel for a little over a year now.  Rachel is proactive, result oriented, responsible and the best resource I know for Ecommerce accounting.  She is always ready to put all of her her energy and time to get the job done and get it done right. She has an exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skill in accounting is a great asset to any company looking to have their books done right. I simply cannot say enough nice things about Rachel.  Bottom line - if you are considering a new accountant or bookkeeper for your small business, you simply can not go wrong with Rachel and her team at the helm.  5 stars is simply not enough

Richard Roppa-Roberts

My wife and I launched an e-commerce business last year and we were both pretty overwhelmed by the amount of detail we needed to track in Quickbooks. There was a lot we simply didn't understand and certainly didn't have the confidence that we were doing it right. Then we discovered Rachel and it has truly made all the difference in the world. She truly understands the numbers side of things, especially how it relates to running an online shop. She really feels like part of our team and has enabled my wife and I to focus on the creative side of growing the business while having the peace of mind that the books are being managed with precision. When you hire or contract someone to help run your business, you want someone that is as passionate about their work as you are. We get inspired every time we talk with her and she is an absolute pleasure to work with

Blue Cocoa Designs

Seldom in my 20 years of working within the Accountant community have I worked with someone as dynamic as Rachel Dauchy - she effortlessly combines extensive industry knowledge and real-life experience with a great attitude and absolute professionalism. I love working with her and helping her grow her business. She is my "go-to" for questions and for checking the pulse of our community.

Thomas Ruscitti

E-commerce is a particularly fast-paced industry. Success depends on businesses having a well-organized and correct workflow especially between the e-commerce platform and QuickBooks Online. It takes a high level of intelligence, awareness, tenacity, perseverance, fortitude along with solid problem-solving skills to provide best practice accounting, bookkeeping, and advisory services specifically in this industry. It's tough work.Rachel is a trusted partner of mine and our firm's go-to specialist accountant for anything e-commerce. Simply stated, she's brilliant! Over the years, I have been privileged to see her provide accounting, bookkeeping, advisory services and more for many types of businesses. However, as an e-commerce store operator herself, whenever she talked about accounting for e-commerce, she lit up! With excitement and passionate drive, she worked hundreds of hours testing multiple options and integrated technology combinations until she developed a custom workflow for best practice accounting for e-commerce specifically.For our accounting practice, we work exclusively with Rachel for our e-commerce clients. She is highly skilled and a joy to work with whether we ask her to show us how, or we hand her the reigns and say, "Please do this for us." Her vast knowledge of third-party app integrations, e-commerce platforms, the accounting workflow of inventory to sale to clearing accounts in QuickBooks Online software is exceptional. She provides her services with a high level of efficiency, attention to detail and is always willing to explain and provide insight in every important area along the way. From setup to implementation then ongoing to analysis and forecasting, they understand what it takes and what to do to help clients be successful in the e-commerce industry.More often than not, clients come to us after they realize the mess they have in their books from the by-default way e-commerce transactions feed into QuickBooks Online from their chosen platform. It's amazing to watch Rachel speed through the various areas of the books with her detective skills in high gear pointing out all the problem areas and then to hear her say, "Yup, I've seen this before. I know exactly what needs to be done. We can do this!"

Zee Marie, ZDI, Inc