A Little About LedgerSync

A Little About LedgerSync



At NetDeposited, when we onboard clients we have 2 options for them to supply statements: 

1.  Add us as an authorized user on their accounts (read only or admin) 


2.  Send them an invite to LedgerSync for statement fetch. 


It's not a secret that sometimes being added onto a client's bank or credit card makes them feel a little uneasy and I get it.  As a firm owner I wanted to give our clients options, and we have been VERY satisfied with LedgerSync.  


It also couldn't be easier.  After you sign up and add a client, you can add a connection for them, or send them an invite to connect it themselves.  They will enter their bank login credentials so we don't see it, and it simply sends the bank statements they select monthly.  That's it!!  You can also opt to bring in check images too, and we all know how valuable that can be when you see "check" in the bank feeds with no information. 

They even have a "Weekly Webinar" that you can sign up for here.


This has been a TOTAL GAME CHANGER for us.  Click HERE to to go LedgerSync and another fun fact, they are based in Santa Monica, my town of birth! 


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