Gusto for Payroll Software Review and Pricing

Gusto for Payroll Software Review and Pricing

Explore the comprehensive guide on Gusto for the best payroll software around, covering everything from pricing and features to how it stands against competitors like QuickBooks Online Payroll and OnPay. Discover if Gusto's payroll services are right for your business.... and spoiler alert:  WE use Gusto at NetDeposited and I am so happy with how it works. 


Gusto is a modern payroll solution that promises to simplify payroll, tax, and HR processes for small to medium-sized businesses. With features like automated payroll, tax compliance, and a plethora of employee benefits options, Gusto has positioned itself as a crucial tool for efficient business management. This article delves into the nuts and bolts of Gusto payroll software, exploring its features, pricing, usability, and how it compares with other top payroll service providers.

How Does Gusto Work

Gusto is designed to streamline and simplify payroll processes through a combination of user-friendly design and powerful automation. The platform integrates several functions into a cohesive system that reduces the administrative load on businesses. Here's a detailed look at how Gusto manages to make payroll management both efficient and effective.

Comprehensive Payroll Management

Gusto takes charge of the entire payroll cycle. It starts by calculating each employee's earnings based on their hours per person worked or salary. Then, it deducts all applicable taxes and other deductions like retirement contributions or health insurance premiums. The accuracy of these calculations helps ensure compliance with tax laws and employee agreements.

Automated Tax Handling

One of the most significant aspects of Gusto’s functionality is its automated tax processing capability. The system automatically calculates the necessary payroll taxes at federal, state, and local levels. Following this automated tax filing, Gusto files these taxes on behalf of the employer. This automation ensures that businesses stay compliant with tax regulations without needing to invest in an extensive understanding of tax laws.

Flexible Payment Options

Gusto offers flexible payment methods to accommodate the needs of all employees. Employers can choose to pay employees via direct deposit, which can reach accounts by the next day with the next-day direct deposit feature. Alternatively, employees can access their earnings through the Gusto Wallet app, which not only allows for immediate access to pay but also provides tools for financial management.

Continuous Compliance Updates

Given the ever-changing nature of employment laws and tax regulations, Gusto continuously updates its platform to reflect the latest requirements. This feature provides businesses with peace of mind, knowing that their payroll operations are always compliant with current laws, without needing to track changes themselves.

Expert Support and Insights

Apart from the automated services and self-help tools, Gusto provides access to payroll and HR experts. These professionals can offer tailored advice and insights, especially when businesses face unique situations or complex issues. This support ensures that businesses not only use the Gusto platform effectively but also implement best practices in payroll and HR management.

Gusto Features

Gusto stands out among top payroll providers, offering a robust suite of features designed to manage payroll and HR tasks seamlessly. Here’s an overview of the core functionalities:

1- Automated Payroll

Gusto automates the payroll process, ensuring employees pay contractors are paid correctly and on time. Automation includes calculations for wages, payroll taxes, and deductions for benefits like health insurance and retirement plans.

2- Full Service Payroll Migration

Transitioning to a Gusto account is streamlined thanks to full-service payroll migration support. Businesses can switch from their current provider without the hassle, with Gusto handling all the necessary data transfers.

3- Benefits Administration

Gusto excels in benefits administration, allowing businesses to offer a wide range of benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and more, directly integrated into the payroll process.

4- Health Benefits Administration

Gusto facilitates the management of health benefits, including the health insurance administration. It helps businesses comply with relevant laws while offering a valuable employee benefit.

5- Tax Filing and Compliance

Automatic tax filing and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations are core aspects of Gusto's service, reducing the administrative burden on businesses.

6- Unlimited Payroll Runs

Companies can process payroll as frequently as needed without additional costs, providing flexibility to meet diverse business needs.

7- Direct Deposit and Pay Options

Gusto offers next-day direct deposit, enabling fast and reliable payment delivery. Employees can also access the Gusto Wallet app for instant paychecks. Additionally, Gusto supports unlimited contractor payments, allowing businesses to manage contractor payments seamlessly across all 50 states, including filing 1099-NECs directly through the platform.

Employee Self-Service and Integration

Gusto's payroll platform offers a robust self-service portal that empowers employees to manage their personal and payment information autonomously. This feature is central to reducing the administrative workload of HR departments while enhancing the overall employee experience.

1. Employee Self-Service Portal

The self-service portal allows employees to access their payroll information, such as pay stubs and tax documents, at any time. This autonomy helps employees manage their financial records without needing to request information from HR, speeding up processes like loan applications or rent agreements. Additionally, employees can update their personal details, bank information, and tax withholdings directly in the portal, ensuring that information is always current without HR intervention. This level of empowerment not only improves satisfaction but also reduces errors associated with manual data entry by HR personnel.

2. Integration with Other Business Tools

Gusto seamlessly integrates with a variety of business tools, including accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero, time tracking tools, and other HR management systems. This integration ensures that data flows smoothly between systems, reducing the potential for discrepancies and saving time on data entry and reconciliation. For instance, hours logged in a time tracking software can directly populate payroll calculations in Gusto, ensuring accuracy in pay and compliance with labor laws. This connectivity significantly enhances operational efficiency and allows businesses to make more informed decisions based on real-time data.

Comparative Analysis: Gusto vs. Competitors

When comparing Gusto to other leading payroll providers such as QuickBooks and OnPay, several key areas highlight Gusto's strengths and unique selling propositions.

  • Features Comparison

Gusto offers a comprehensive set of features that extend beyond basic payroll processing, including benefits management, compliance updates, and a personalized employee financial wellness tool through the Gusto Wallet app. While QuickBooks also offers integrated payroll features, Gusto's user-friendly interface and additional HR capabilities, like offering health insurance and other benefits directly through the platform, set it apart.

  • Pricing and Usability

Gusto provides clear, transparent pricing with a tiered structure that caters to businesses of different sizes and needs, which can be more appealing than QuickBooks and OnPay, whose pricing may increase significantly with additional features. In terms of usability, Gusto is renowned for its intuitive design and straightforward navigation, which is especially beneficial for smaller businesses without dedicated payroll specialists.

  • Unique Selling Propositions

What sets Gusto apart from its competitors is its emphasis on not just serving employers but also enhancing the employee experience. Features like on-demand pay through the Gusto Wallet app and robust self-service capabilities are distinct advantages. Additionally, Gusto's focus on compliance and providing access to HR experts offers significant peace of mind for businesses navigating the complex landscape of HR regulations.


Gusto for payroll offers a powerful, user-friendly platform that covers extensive payroll features, HR tools, and compliance management, suitable for a variety of business sizes and needs. With its competitive pricing and robust features, Gusto is a top choice for businesses looking to streamline their payroll and HR processes.

By integrating these various aspects of payroll management into a single, cohesive platform, Gusto significantly reduces the complexity and time investment required to manage payroll and HR tasks. This makes it an ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their administrative processes and focus more on their core business activities software tools, which streamlines payroll and accounting processes, saving time and reducing errors.

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