Appy Camp attendees gather to reimagine automation in the world of bookkeeping and accounting

Appy Camp!

In September, I was invited to attend an incredible gathering of the top innovators, creators, and all-around smarties to discuss the future of our industry.  This is important because our world is changing all around us daily.  We can get on board with it, and embrace it, or we can reject the inevitable.  
As I journey into the world of automation and integration, it has reinvigorated my love of accounting- yes I said love.  In accounting there are finite rules.  You either have a solution, or it's wrong.  I love to problem solve, and I find that creating automations is the ultimate puzzle to solve.  I also love to reimagine things. As I speak to developers and learn about how things work, I like to reimagine how one system might work in another, which is why I LOVE Shopify.
Shopify has given people the ability to build a store from the ground up. Because of the incredible Shopify resources out there, I have been able to teach myself how to create custom liquid using HTML. OK, not everyone needs to code. As a matter of fact you don't need to code ANYTHING to use Shopify, but, I can't help myself. I like to move things around in the code, and what's more I can. So why not? 
I created a Shopify store for my service based Ecommerce accounting business, and merged it with the item-selling functionality of the Shopify widgets. When I spend time around people who are leading the industry, I get inspired to reimagine the usual.  After Appy Camp, I came back with a zillion ideas about how I wanted to drive my business, the things I wanted to create and do, and the type of clients I wanted to service.  Now I need to go to another Appy Camp to narrow it down!   Thank you SO much to Heather Satterly and Liz Scott, the 2 rock stars who host "The Appy Hour" show, who bring so much mentorship to our industry and to all of the amazing sponsors including Intuit.  

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