ABX- A Better Xperience

ABX- A Better Xperience

I have been working with Matt Sullivan and Chris Jacobs, who are behind the ABX team. A Better Xperience Software Group (ABX) specializes in providing top-tier tech stack advisory with our core specialty in inventory software consulting and implementation. Our services are tailored for merchants and manufacturers selling physical goods to achieve success by proficiently implementing cloud technology seamlessly across their operations.

As I seem to be dealing with clients that need more custom integrations, I am so glad I can turn to ABX to help with a host of complex software workflows. 

A little about ABX:


Comprehensive Services Include:

●  Tech Stack Health Check: Evaluating current suite of business solutions and identifying areas for process or software improvement.

●  Inventory Software Selection and Implementation: Businesses with physical products needing new inventory solutions, we find the right fit and implement it.

●  Integration and API Development: Seamlessly integrating various software tools, such as Katana, Shopify, and QuickBooks Online (QBO), to create a cohesive system.

●  Data Synchronization: Ensuring accurate and efficient data flow between your business platforms.

●  Transition Assistance: Working alongside accountants to transition from QuickBooks Desktop to QBO without losing essential inventory management capabilities.

Their ideal customer profile is a company that has $3M-30M in annual revenue, with 10-200 employees, and is selling physical inventory items (consumer packaged goods, food & beverage industries.) ABX is a partner of Shopify, Katana, Finale Inventory, Unleashed Software, Linnworks, SkuVault, Bookkeep, Synder, and PipeDrive.

Aside from custom services, ABX is also developing applications to extend functionality of the tools in our app partner ecosystem. For example, ABX is currently developing an app to integrate Katana and QBO for specific use cases that Katana’s native integration doesn’t solve for.

If you need any help in this department, reach out to me and I will connect you to Matt and Chris or you can find them on LinkedIn

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